Virtual Reality with headsets for experimenting everywhere

Run your experiments easily in hospitals, schools, etc

Intuitive Python code

See our extensive documentation to program wonderful experiments in PTVR

Perimetric coordinate system for vision scientists

Transform your coordinates from one system to another easily.

Accurate control of characters' angular values for different fonts

And many more features for building reading experiments thanks to flat screens.

Integration of complex environments

Our goal is to provide this feature in 2023 and we are currently actively looking for an experienced developer in virtual reality to work on this (see job offer)

Perception Toolbox for Virtual Reality (PTVR)

The PTVR project is currently funded by a four-year grant (ANR DEVISE: ANR site, consortium site). The first release was presented at ECVP2022. We invite you to subscribe to our mailing list if you wish to be notified as soon as new versions become available. Go to our download page and do not forget to look at our extensive documentation.