Job offer: Postdoctoral Fellow Position at Inria on Visual Perception Experiments in Virtual Reality

Our goal is to give you the possibility to join us to develop your experiment in 3D, share together our expertise, and see how PTVR could help you address new scientific questions that require 3D environments. To reach your objectives, you will be supported by the project coordinators (P. Kornprobst – Inria, and E. Castet – CNRS) and the group of PTVR engineers (J. Termoz-Masson, C. Hugon, and J. Delachambre). You will be at the heart of a multidisciplinary consortium with specialists in vision, 3D and VR, game design, and cognitive sciences, thus allowing you to broaden your horizons. You will work with state-of-the-art equipment in a dynamic and caring environment. You will be responsible to develop a visual perception experiment running with our PTVR environment, conduct the study with subjects, and write a paper about your findings.

Note that we voluntarily did not define the visual perception task in this job offer. Instead, we expect the task to emerge from discussions with the project’s coordinators. We have, of course, some privileged topics (e.g., low vision, aids for people with visual deficiencies, eye-tracking, reading, attention), but these topics are not mandatory, and we are open to proposals beyond these topics.

If you are interested, please send us your CV, the period when you would like to start your postdoc, a short research proposal (one-page maximum) that could link your research experience to the focus of the project (developing new visual perception experiments in 3D). 


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